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Casa Loma Part 6 of our Toronto Vacation


Thea was not really excited about Casa Loma.  She said that she would rather spend her last day at Saks Fifth Avenue and rest at the hotel afterwards.  I think that the prospect of climbing the Baldwin Steps was just too much for her.  She charged me to take pictures for her.   At first blush, I kinda thought that this would be a waste of a trip. It doesn’t seem especially big from the outside. But it is. And it’s…
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Art Gallery of Ontario Part 5 of our Toronto Vacation


This was our fifth day in Toronto and I still had some bucket list items that I needed to take care of. Fortunately, they were within walking distance of our hotel, each other, and our next destination. From our hotel, it was only a two block walk to the Old City Hall, New City Hall and a fifteen minute walk to the Art Gallery of Ontario.   After the whirlwind of our previous day, the late-start and slow-pace of a fine art museum was…
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Niagara Falls Tour Part 4 of our Toronto Vacation


The other thing that we did on Monday was to arrange our Niagara trip. On the list of things to do, that always came up as one of the Toronto attractions. I’m sure that it comes up as a Buffalo attraction too. “What’s one of the best things to do in this city? Get out of the city.”   I say that we arranged it. But it was actually our concierge, Andy, who did it all. He asked the particulars…
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Gardiner and ROM Part 3 of our Toronto Vacation


The Gardiner Museum and the Royal Ontario Museum sit across the street from each other. You just get off at Museum Station and walk up to the street level and you’re on the sidewalk in front of the Gardiner.   We got to the Gardiner as it was opening and it was dead quiet and peaceful. But not ten minutes went by before a group of third-graders showed up. It got loud. Really loud. Loud enough that it chased us…
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Toronto Zoo Part 2 of our Toronto Vacation


From my last post, you might think that didn’t do anything between having nachos and eating dinner. In point of fact, there was quite a bit of planning that went on. The next item on my bucket list of things Torontoan was to visit the Toronto Zoo. But the Zoo isn’t in downtown Toronto, where we were, but far to the northeast. Far enough that there isn’t a direct route to it.   There are routes for subway-to-bus, trolley-to-bus, and…
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CN Tower Part 1 of our Toronto Vacation


  We got up around 9:00am and slowly made our way to wakefulness. By the time we got downstairs, it was past time for our hotel’s continental breakfast. The Sunset Grill was only a half block away though. We had walked past it on our way in. So we went there and had a good brunch. This restaurant didn’t have ‘Canadian’ bacon. They had peameal style bacon, which was pretty much the same thing.   Since we only had a half day, I…
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Toronto Introduction to our Toronto Vacation


This trip went much smoother than our last one. No cancelled flights. No inclement weather. No one got sick.   I had been planning for our 25th anniversary since our 24th. I wanted it to be something more special than ordinary.  I wanted to get away and get Thea away from work. Of the several places that I offered (Hawaii, Puerto Rico, New York City….) her choice was Toronto. Her reasoning was that we had just been to Canada for…
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Medieval Fair 2016


Having hardly done anything but work for the last six weeks, I was looking forward to getting behind my camera and shooting again. One thing that I learned from this outing: I need to get out more. I felt awkward and my images show it. I don’t know why I was so often at a high ISO or at a small aperture. It made some of the images contrasty and/or out of focus. The timing was okay. My eye was…
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