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Geoff, Thea’s former co-worker, and his wife Nancy paid us a visit. Mostly we just sat around and chatted. Sure, there was wine and cheese. And we got out to a museum as an excuse to get out. While we were there, I got these. I wasn’t the sharpest that I had ever been. But they’re okay.

A Health Update

This goes back to August of last year. There was a particularly heavy thunderstorm that was causing the water level on our porch to rise. You should understand that our porch is lower than the back lawn. There is a barrier wall and a step up to get into the yard itself. The barrier wall has a drain, but I have no idea where it goes or if it goes anywhere at all. My best guess, based on observation, is…
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New PC

It always surprises and frustrates me when shopping for computers how vastly and quickly the prices fluctuate. I’ve been comparing spec’s and prices since January. I’m patient. After all, there’s nothing wrong (precisely) with our old computers except that they are old. They still have the original stickers proclaiming that they are proudly running Windows Vista. I upgraded to them so Richard and I could play Unreal Tournament 2004. They still run browsers, Outlook and Word. They are serviceable but…
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At the Movies

This is not a movie review. Rather, this is an endorsement of a new (to me) movie amenity. I was not aware until this year that there was closed captioning available…at the movies. The Warren Theatre in Moore has this technology. There are two devices. One is a cup-holder type device that you can goose-neck to be visible without interrupting the full screen experience. The other is an over-the-eye glasses type affair. I opted for the second. It fit neatly…
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Obituary: Jerry Dean Jarrett

This first part is shamelessly taken from the Lawton Constitution Archives Jerry Dean Jarrett was born September 20, 1940, in Houston, Texas, to Samuel David “Dee” and Mirtie “Jeneva” (Rusk) Jarrett. He passed away on Sunday, February 3, 2019, in Duncan, at the age of 78. Family visitation is scheduled for Tuesday, February 5, from 6-7:30PM at Whitt Funeral Home. Funeral services are scheduled for Thursday, February 7, at 1:30PM at Eastside Church of Christ with Ron Stough, minister, officiating….
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Christmas/Birthday Scout Learning Photography

My brother-in-law (and others) are encouraging me to shoot more. Greg’s encouragement came in the form of a Lensbaby Scout with circular fisheye optic. I don’t have a full frame camera so the circular part of the fisheye is lost. But the distortion is there. It makes some photos that look like a vision out of your worst hangover ever. But this lens has done something else for me. It’s made me reassess what I know about my cameras. You…
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What Would You Call It?

I walked into Subway. There was already one person in line ahead of me. The server said to him “What’ll you have?” He replied, “I’d like a salad.” So the server took out the salad bowl and then turned to me and asked, “Will you be having a sandwich?” I told him ‘yes’ and he proceeded to quickly ask me my bread/meat/cheese/toasted choices. As he turned to put my sandwich in the salamander, the person ahead of me in line…
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