I’ve been playing catchup all weekend.

4 months worth of bills to open and organize. My bank account takes care of everything automatically but I could have a doppleganger out there. I’ve been scanning and saving my bills for four years now. I have it all stored in three separate drives. Even with the long lapse, my accounts all balance to the penny. It looks like my identity is still safe.

5 months of crud in and on my car. This one is a no-brainer. The boomerang car wash down the road can clean my car in 3 minutes better than I can in 45. For $9 I’ll save myself the wear and tear

6 months of computer clutter. Desktop icons stacking up; temporary files maxed out; programs that I ran once and didn’t really like or use again. Almost a third of my hard drive space used up. And after all that clean up, I still need to synchronize my storage drives since my computer can’t raid them. I did a backup on my pda before going out of town in December and before skiing in January. So, I’m good there. I don’t do computer backups per se. I know which programs I use and save the installers and codes in an archive file and keep that backed up. If my computer crashes, I’ll replace it and install fresh.

My web site is up to date but I spend time two weeks ago getting the new interface working. Every year, I seem to make it a little easier to get where I want to go in it. I’m playing around with CoolIris (PicLens). I think that I can take it back about three years and add CoolIris support to those pages. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do it or not. It will be easy but complicated. Piclens Publisher can do all the work or creating the RSS enabled sites. But then I would need to duplicate files and folders to make it all work. So, I have to open up all the HTML and search/replace all the code for the file locations.

My servers at work are still misbehaving some. Not enough to get me panicy but it’s annoying to have to reboot them for no reason. Nothing in the event logs giving any indication that there’s a problem. That probably means a hardware issue. And since the last hardware update was to add memory, the memory is probably not timed right for the old motherboard that’s in it. I can never remember it I’m supposed to turn the bios bus timer multiplier thingy up or down to compensate for that.

We installed our first win2k8 servers last week. The interface is different but not that different. Just like Exchange2007, it all starts locked down instead of open like Exchange2003. It wasn’t too hard to find the password group policy field to take it from complex/7 character/42 day passwords to the more reasonable simple/5 character/90 day that they were used to. We installed these servers because the old servers were starting to lockup and taking three or four power cycles to reboot. We installed on Tuesday and by Thursday the old domain controller server wouldn’t boot at all. The owner said that she didn’t know why she was so worried. In hindsight, there were two whole days of leeway that we had.

Lastly, for those of you that care. Meatloaf made from Buffalo, Ground Round, and Ground Turkey (a pound each) Two cup of bread crumbs processed fine, and two eggs. Accompanied with a casserole of instant sweet potatoes with oat-crumb topping (baked potatoes, too, for those that didn’t care for the casserole) and steamed mixed vegetables with oregano and thyme and more of those Pillsbury reduced fat whole wheat biscuits (buy them if you can find them). And for dessert I invented an applebutter pie. Mine was sort of a cross between a dutch apple pie with oat-crumb topping and an applesauce pie. Not really custardy but very dense.

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