Silly Brain

    I was just getting my normal meal at Taco Bueno. It's a dish that Chip Johnson introduced me to thirty years ago. I get the Bueno Chilada Platter without sour cream or guacamole. To that I add a heaping load of Pico de Gallo and, if they looked drained enough, sliced jalapeno peppers. It's two beef tortilla rolls covered in chili and cheese sauce with rice and beans and a bag of chips on the side. Chip used to tell me that he thought of it as an appetizer and a meal for the price of the meal. I always eat it "here", never "to go" but I never seem to make it to the table without having to get back up for something. Usually, it's the napkins. Until the first cheese hits my chin, I just don't seem to think about them. This time, when the cheese from the first chip hit my chin and I realized that I needed a napkin, I also realized that I needed plastic silverware.

    What did I need? Did my brain actually tell me that I needed plastic silverware? Plastic tableware; yes. Plastic serviceware; okay. But plastic silverware, especially since it's black plastic. Silly brain.


  1. Richard

    Chip eating a Bueno Chilada: Ick.

  2. Wil C. Fry

    My brain tells me stuff like that all the time. I was getting something out of the freezer, and my brain said I needed to "unthaw" it. I realized my brain meant "thaw" (unfreeze), but it kept saying that word.


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