Time slips by

My gallbladder has been gone for six weeks.  I’m back to my regular diet.  There doesn’t appear to be anything that has changed.  I’ve lost five pounds.  I don’t think, all things considered, that the removal of it in exchange for the weight reduction is something that I would recommend.  The bills have started to come in.  As you might expect, each line item has a startlingly large number after it.  And just like the Bistromathic Drive I can’t make the numbers add with the reductions and payouts to the conclusion of what they want me to pay.  Still, I’m better rid of it.  The scars are still red and sore but fading.  I expect that it will be the case for quite a while yet.

Work is taking an larger amount of time this past month as Eduardo and Maria first awaited and then welcomed Emilie.  Things should be closer to back to normal as he returns to work next week. Matt has been able to do a great many things to take the load off me. But being new, he hasn’t learned all the tricks of dealing with the usual unusual situations that we find to be the norm.

I’ve gotten rid of my iden phone.  No more push-to-talk. I’m now on an Evo 4g and living on Android time.  There are a great many apps that are out there and only a few that I needed to find to totally replace my pda.  So successful was my transition that I talked Thea into getting her own new phone. She chose the Inspire since her plan was with AT&T.  Oddly, but perhaps less odd than I think, hers came more completely capable of replacing her pda than did mine.  Hers came with an office replacement and reader that I had to download and install.  Sprint allows me to add any software that I want with only a checkbox and a warning.  AT&T has no checkbox. Their Inspire is only able to download from the AppStore. In the parlance of phones, hers is captive.  But it seems to be a well stocked and comfortable prison so I don’t see any need to root it…yet.


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  1. Wil C. Fry

    “each line item has a startlingly large number after it”

    After having our baby several months ago, I was blown away (and am still nearly speechless) by the number$ we saw on those bills. (She was in NICU for 26 days.) Our insurance covered almost all of it.

    I’m glad you like your new phone. I’m dreading my replacement phone later this year; it’s getting harder and harder to find the kind I like (the ones that just make and receive phone calls)…


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