I’ve changed…watches. Fitbit Versa

The problem that I’ve always had keeping a log, journal, blog, whatever, is just deciding what, if anything, makes a difference in my life and then trying to figure out what kind of difference it makes. Is it blog-worthy. My life, in general, goes from day to day with unremarkably little changing. Some weeks, the biggest news to share is the bumper-sticked Chevy Bolt that I got behind on Thursday. Not that I did get behind one on Thursday or…
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Updates to Learn from

I did a lot of updating last month. I decided after several years on Weaver and Weaver II that I would go with a different look. Thea says that it looks like a Facebook page now. I think that I’m influenced by all the web pages out there that are going to a flatter design.In all, I probably activated and tinkered around with twenty or so themes before I decided that I liked one well enough to continue with it….
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On a side note…

I had been reading about the Nikon D7000 since it was first announced and determined that I would get it as my next camera. Not that there was anything wrong with either of my current cameras…right now. But my Fuji S2Pro takes AA and CR123 batteries and it increasing seems to need the CR123's replaced. These batteries have become a drug store purchase as no one else seems to carry them. So if anything happened to my Nikon D200 and…
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