News to the World Part II

The remodel went well. Mostly. Here are some stories. Let’s start from the bottom. There wasn’t a stitch of carpet that we wanted to keep. It was all this pale cream color that was stained in some rooms and tracked up in others. It wasn’t in really bad shape. But it wasn’t what we wanted. And a lot of the rooms had it. That meant that we had to pick out flooring for 1, 2, 3, 4 bedrooms, the entryway…
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News to the World Part I

It seems like we just gradually admitted to ourselves that we were in the jobs we were in until we retired. Thea has always worried about where she would be in ten years and dreamed of a job closer to home. One where she didn’t have to commute to an office an hour away. I kept trying to figure out how to renovate the computer room. We basically both work six and half days a week. There wasn’t any way…
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Taken Too Soon

He was created by Thea’s sister and her friend in late 2008 from my brother-in-law’s best broken shovel and assorted found items. He was gifted to me as a Christmas/Birthday gift. I set him by our front entry and dubbed him Carlton, the door monster (an homage to a 70’s TV character from Rhoda who was often heard but never seen.) After a short time, I built him a platform from discarded bricks and put some night lights around him…
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It’s begun Hegemony of Trump

I tuned out The Inauguration. (As much as was possible considering my employer was watching it on a fifty-two inch TV in his office.) It didn’t even take an hour before history was being rewritten. That is, history was being made. But that wasn’t good enough. It needed to be bigger, better. It needed to be tweaked. The news reported their version. The Hegemony reported theirs. And then they warned that there could be a rethinking of the administration’s relationship…
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Sandia Peak

I had originally wanted to take the tram up to the peak. But Greg had made the suggestion to go to Sandia Man Cave afterwards. And that required some serious back road driving down a path that only horses should have been allowed to traverse. Amazingly, his CNG powered, dual-fuel, 8×8, behemoth, 6-ton Ford didn’t require that every approaching vehicle cower and hide from it as it navigated the rutted and ruined washboarded roadway. A drive I won’t soon forget.


The saying goes, “Things happen for a reason”. Of course that saying is an affirmation of god’s plan for us and as such a denial of free will. It’s more accurate to say that people┬ácan invent a reason for anything. My favorite invention is that god is a failed sit-com writer. It explains a great number of things that happen in life. (God thinks of herself as a writer of dramas and would do better to embrace her sit-com side)…
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A Moving Experience

My family moved to Lawton in 1968. Growing up in Seattle, my mother married into the military and wound up in Arkansas first. When she heard that Lawton had mountains, she was glad to be moving out of the foothills. When she saw that they were only mountains based on a geological description, she just about cried. Still, through four moves, three marriages, two college degrees, and a few career changes, she stayed. But stubborn can only last so long…
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Well, Sh*t.

I left work early by just a few minutes. I didn’t think that the streets were all that bad. But I’d only travelled five blocks when it happened. And I saw it coming the whole way and couldn’t avoid any of it. I was headed┬ásouth down Penn in the inside lane. A Kia Rio Cinco heading north started changing lanes from the outside lane to the inside and lost control, then over-corrected. I had room to change lanes and did…
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