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Of Hummingbirds and Mushrooms and other tales

We’ve been progressing in our idleness. The hummingbird feeder that Thea got for Christmas is now out. It didn’t take very long for hummingbirds to find it. There are at least two that we’ve identified. The smaller one with a green mottled throat is more aggressive and will chase the white-throated one off. Or try to. Some nights there’s a standoff. Originally the feeder pole had a suet bell on it. But that was a bust. The few birds that…
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Cash Cache My Hoard

Thea has often mentioned that there are many ways in which her father and I are alike. It’s scary sometimes. I’ve had a hoard of cash since my early teens. It’s nothing fancy. There’s nothing that would be termed collectible in it. There’s just always been something about the odd coin that I found appealing. Most of this collection I can’t honestly tell you where I found/acquired it. Some of it came from a couple of friends who found out…
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Inherited Money My Father-In-Law's cache

Thea has been going through her mother’s house getting it ready to be estate-sale’d. One of the realizations that we’ve touched upon is that her parents didn’t really have very many keepsakes. What bric-a-brac there is there’s no history behind it. Sure there’s china and silverware but it’s not “Aunt Edna’s China” and “Uncle Andrew’s silverware”. Without any connection, as a collection, it’s just junk. So Leroy had a lot of South Vietnamese money. “Was he in Vietnam War?” “I…
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I’ve changed…watches. Fitbit Versa

The problem that I’ve always had keeping a log, journal, blog, whatever, is just deciding what, if anything, makes a difference in my life and then trying to figure out what kind of difference it makes. Is it blog-worthy. My life, in general, goes from day to day with unremarkably little changing. Some weeks, the biggest news to share is the bumper-sticked Chevy Bolt that I got behind on Thursday. Not that I did get behind one on Thursday or…
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Changes and Updates

We’ve owned our house for over a year and it still doesn’t quite feel like home to me. We haven’t been in it for a year yet. That’s in July. But, there’s been many times that I’ve wondered where I put something and my references for where to look have been empty. I only know where I would have looked for it in our old house. New house, did it even move with us or did we let it go?…
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Elder Falls Alma's Turn

My mother is recovering from her hip Girdlestoning. She’s in a rehab clinic getting retrained on how to maneuver from bed to wheelchair to toilet/bath. My sister is getting ramps put in. And mom should recover. Her quality of living will improve as her hip mends in place. It’s likely that my mother will never stand again. Meanwhile, Alma, Thea’s mother, has fallen again. She fell a couple of weeks ago. The caregiver that she has with her most of…
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