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Elder Falls Alma's Turn

My mother is recovering from her hip Girdlestoning. She’s in a rehab clinic getting retrained on how to maneuver from bed to wheelchair to toilet/bath. My sister is getting ramps put in. And mom should recover. Her quality of living will improve as her hip mends in place. It’s likely that my mother will never stand again. Meanwhile, Alma, Thea’s mother, has fallen again. She fell a couple of weeks ago. The caregiver that she has with her most of…
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Guns, Guns, Guns Incomplete thoughts

I’m confused. How is having more guns in school going to solve the problem of mass shootings? Is it meant as a deterrent? As far as I can tell, these sociopaths are going in and shooting until they are captured or killed. Is it just meant to kill the sociopath faster? Instead of protecting the students under their care, you now want teachers to abandon them and go out and confront a gunman. Aren’t you just putting a target on…
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News to the World Part II

The remodel went well. Mostly. Here are some stories. Let’s start from the bottom. There wasn’t a stitch of carpet that we wanted to keep. It was all this pale cream color that was stained in some rooms and tracked up in others. It wasn’t in really bad shape. But it wasn’t what we wanted. And a lot of the rooms had it. That meant that we had to pick out flooring for 1, 2, 3, 4 bedrooms, the entryway…
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Pre-Prom Party Pix Lia and Friends

I agreed to take photos of Lia and her friends before they went to the prom knowing that I could royally screw up. As usual for prom night, everything was running behind schedule. I was actually fifteen minutes late and I was one of the first ones there. Or thought I was. I didn’t recognize the people who I was going to be shooting a) because I’d never seen them dressed so well and b) because they were made-up and…
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News to the World Part I

It seems like we just gradually admitted to ourselves that we were in the jobs we were in until we retired. Thea has always worried about where she would be in ten years and dreamed of a job closer to home. One where she didn’t have to commute to an office an hour away. I kept trying to figure out how to renovate the computer room. We basically both work six and half days a week. There wasn’t any way…
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