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Washington DC and Annapolis MD

It’s nice to have friends who will put up with you for a few day. It’s even nicer if they happen to live in the DC area so that you can visit the Smithsonian. I am really fortunate in that I have two sets of friends and so get to go museuming and sailing off Annapolis. I really have to thank Ed and Peggy for their kindness and hospitality, and Michelle for her lack of common sense in staying up…
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San Francisco ’99

Thea and Al went out to San Francisco for a music workshop. I went out to be a tourist while they were in classes. I only got to spend three days working my way around the city. That means we went to the piers and shops and I got to go to the park and tea garden. I need to go back again and get more pictures.

New Year’s Music Day ’99

Pflugerville was the setting for another successful series of Steve Hendrick’s Music Days. The Austin area seems to have more than it’s share of talented musicians interested in getting together to play pre-1650 pieces. I’ve included pictures of the following people: Steve and Angelina Hendricks Thea Goldsby Mike Burcke, Al Cofrin Kate Bracher & Cynthia Shelmerdine. Derek & Bev Wills. Jennifer Carlson & Diana Skaggs Jan Jackson. Ron Banks. Jennifer Davis. Ruth Bryant. Gerry Priest. Patricia Harpst Kirsey Frank Shirley….
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Music Day in Bryn Gwlad

This is an annual event hosted by HL Samuel Piper at his house in Pflugerville, TX. Eventhough this is considered an SCA event, it is out of garb so the musicians would be more comfortable playing. There were a multitude of strings, recorders of various sizes, and assorted double-reed buzzies. The goal of the event (in the event there can be said to have been a goal) was to get enough musicians together for some serious part music. We played mostly John…
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Lia Teresa Martin Rodriguez

These pictures were all taken on the day of her birth. She wasn’t even ten hours old. I couldn’t get any good pictures of David’s face as he was spellbound by his daughter. Anna was just tired, as you can well imagine.   Born 12/03/98 @ 0542CSTWeight 8lb 2oz Length 18½in 

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