Discernably Me!


It's been a week since my surgery. I have three one-inch incisions and a two incher with a total of about twelve stitches. The only one that bothers me is the one below my navel.  The largest is under my sternum and it seems to be healing the best. I go to see the surgeon on Thursday.  I took a full week of working at home in soft sweat pants. When I finally got in the car to drive, I wasn't completely comfortable.  It's a little low to compress my waist into my beltline and twisting to look over my shoulder the first time made me catch my breath. Today was the first hour commute to the office. By the time I got there, the constant vibration made my incisions feel a little like ants were crawling in them.  But I'm improving every day.

The parts came for my camera on Monday.  I was able to put them in without any problems. I did decide to put one of the two hidden screws back in; the one under the foil label. The other one under the grip, I'll just leave out.  I also decided to replace both battery hooks eventhough the right one wasn't broken.  The new clips seem to address the weaknesses of the original part. The sharp ninety degree bends are now curved over. I'm going to put a montage of the parts on my photoblog just for kicks.

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