Discernably Me!

Cash Cache

Thea has often mentioned that there are many ways in which her father and I are alike. It’s scary sometimes. I’ve had a hoard of cash since my early teens. It’s nothing fancy. There’s nothing that would be termed collectible in it. There’s just always been something about the odd coin that I found appealing.

Inherited Money

Thea has been going through her mother’s house getting it ready to be estate-sale’d. One of the realizations that we’ve touched upon is that her parents didn’t really have very many keepsakes. What bric-a-brac there is there’s no history behind it. Sure there’s china and silverware but it’s not “Aunt Edna’s China” and “Uncle Andrew’s

Pre-Prom Party Pix

I agreed to take photos of Lia and her friends before they went to the prom knowing that I could royally screw up. As usual for prom night, everything was running behind schedule. I was actually fifteen minutes late and I was one of the first ones there. Or thought I was. I didn’t recognize

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