Discernably Me!


I turned off the news at 11:00 pm on Tuesday, November 8th. Clinton had just lost Pennsylvania. CNN was desperately looking for more blue votes in districts who hadn’t fully reported their results. I turned it all off and went to bed. I haven’t watched or read any news since. I feel like I’m the


This trip went much smoother than our last one. No cancelled flights. No inclement weather. No one got sick.   I had been planning for our 25th anniversary since our 24th. I wanted it to be something more special than ordinary.  I wanted to get away and get Thea away from work. Of the several

SWA Woes

I start making plans for skiing in November. I’ll watch the snow reports and predictions. I make reservations a month in advance. When I do all this, I do not expect to have to remake them at the last minute or in the last hours. Such was the case with our ski vacation this year. In

Story time

It’s story time. I figure if Thea will listen to my story with interest, it must be worth telling. That could just be her being polite, but I’ll take my chances. I’ve had a Fujitsu Lifebook as a tablet/laptop for the last ten years of so. It started out as being sufficient and small. I

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