My insurer declined the injection treatment for whatever is going on with me citing that all non-invasive measures have not been taken and my self-assessment of my pain index, 3, does not meet the pain index threshold for that procedure, 6. So instead, I’ve got a prescription for physical therapy. Six weeks at three times

Neck and Neck

I’m still progressing on a slow, downward slope. The result of my first visit for a medical evaluation was that I had some tendinitis in my shoulder. Steroids didn’t fix it. Exercise didn’t seem to be doing anything. So I made an second appointment and waited two weeks for a new evaluation. Dr. Bevers’ first


Geoff, Thea’s former co-worker, and his wife Nancy paid us a visit. Mostly we just sat around and chatted. Sure, there was wine and cheese. And we got out to a museum as an excuse to get out. While we were there, I got these. I wasn’t the sharpest that I had ever been. But