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Fall falls

Well the first day of fall has arrived. The sun never made it out from behind a veil of clouds and the temperature never rose above seventy-five degrees. Black birds were hanging out on all the power lines and performing their aerial ballet for the amusement of cars stopped at traffic lights. Some leaves have begun to change color into their fall colours. Others have fallen with their fall fall and litter the sides of the road. Today they are too wet but they will soon be ground down to the ticket-tape-parade size that anyone following a pickup down the street knows. The catalogs have begun to arrive too. Not in full deluge yet but the odd extra one that offers seasonal values: Jack-o-lantern ice cubes, turkey-headed pez dispensers, glow-in-the-dark ho-ho-ho underwear. If it weren’t for the distraction (economy) from the distraction (politics) distracting us, we could sit back and enjoy. As it is, I think the d-sub-e won’t be dealt with until the d-sub-p is decided which leaves us twenty-one days of hearing the word ‘fall’ and not equating it with the season. Happy Autumn.

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