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I’ve been putting up with a massive sinus infection for the last week. Otherwise, I would have posted sooner that I got my Soul back. The ordeal with insurance is still not finished though. They spent the entire three weeks of repair telling me that they couldn’t get a statement from the other driver and until and unless they got that statement, I would have to pay my deductible. I sent a couple of texts to SJM but got no response. (And why should I? It’s not like we’re pals.) Well, I picked up my car on Friday the 20th and paid the deductible as was necessary. On Monday the 23rd, Progressive called to tell me that the other driver had given a statement weeks ago and USAA Insurance had simply not submitted it to them. That means that I will get my deductible back. However, since I paid my deductible with my charge card, they will be forced to issue me a check (since they have no way of returning the credit.) No, sorry, no one knows how long that will take.
In its short existence so far, this Soul has driven through sleet, snow, ice, hail, rain and on Wednesday, March 25th, a tornado. I just happen to be driving south on I-35 at 6:45 trying to get through Moore. The drive from OKC was uneventful until about S. 44th St. Thea had called to tell me she was staying at work until it all blew over. And that there was a tornado in Moore. I was almost to Moore and hadn’t seen anything. As soon as I got off the phone with her though I was engulfed by rain and wind. I stayed on the highway until S. 66th but decided to get off and find out more about Moore. Heading west between the I-35 exit and S. Shields, I pulled into two different parking lots when the wind and rain were so bad that my wipers on high didn’t help me see through it. I took Shields down into Moore and merged back on I-35. I got to 4th St as the Highway Patrol were setting up road blocks to funnel people through the I-35 access road because of the overturned semi and a pair of stacked cars obstructing traffic. Past that point, the rain stopped and I drove to Norman uneventfully. And the rest, as they say, is history (and therefore boring)

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