Discernably Me!


I completely neglected to mention that we had a pair of action shots taken while we were skiing. A company called SharpShooter Imaging was on the slopes randomly taking action shots. They stood about halfway up a run with a banner behind them advertising what ‘roll’ of pictures you would find your shot on. At the end of the day, you can go to their kiosk and look yourself up. I hadn’t really any intention of purchasing,Mammoth2014TMG

Mammoth2014MDZ until I saw the results. The prices are steep, $36 for an 8×10, but it’s a once a year expense and I thought that they did a really good job. You can get the shot in other formats, coffee mug, etched on steel, etc. If you are interested, our shots are in the Ski Pics area. Select the location, Mammoth, and the date, January 16, 2014. We are on roll 462, frame 35 and 36.

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