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My insurer declined the injection treatment for whatever is going on with me citing that all non-invasive measures have not been taken and my self-assessment of my pain index, 3, does not meet the pain index threshold for that procedure, 6. So instead, I’ve got a prescription for physical therapy. Six weeks at three times a week.

My therapist has me doing exercises to loosen up the area between my shoulder blades hoping that that will unpinch the areas in my neck where that nerve is zapping my shoulder. It’s all very interconnected. I’m doing ‘seated chin tucks‘, ‘scapular clocks‘, ‘seated prayer stretches‘, ‘bow and arrows‘, and ‘side-lying open books‘. I’m also getting thoroughly manipulated and massaged. As well as iced and ‘TEN’-ed.

I’m not expecting miracles. But any improvement is welcome.

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