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I had been reading about the Nikon D7000 since it was first announced and determined that I would get it as my next camera. Not that there was anything wrong with either of my current cameras…right now. But my Fuji S2Pro takes AA and CR123 batteries and it increasing seems to need the CR123's replaced. These batteries have become a drug store purchase as no one else seems to carry them. So if anything happened to my Nikon D200 and I couldn't find CR123's, I'd be without an SLR. It's a rationalization for a desire to get more megapixels, but it's my rationalization and I'm holding onto it.

The point is, I have got the new D7000 and took it home and everything was fine until I tried to use my Sigma 105 DG macro on it. The lens and the camera simply wouldn't talk to each other. I wound up surfing the web and finding out that it was a known DG issue and that Sigma would fix it. So, I called up Sigma last month and they said to wait until February to send it in as they were getting some parts in for it. If I sent it in earlier, my wait would be longer. So today, I boxed up and shipped my 105 to Sigma Service in New York.

While doing that, I had the need to fill out a form which was in the form of a pdf. I'm always wary of people being able to decipher my handwriting and I prefer forms that are in .doc format so I can edit them directly on the computer. I had a program called PDF Annotater at work but I never got a license for home use. So I went online and found a free replacement for it.

If you find that you have the need to fill out a pdf form or just want to otherwise edit a pdf, and you're a Windows user, download PDF-Xchange Viewer. It is able to do simple edits and annotations without having to get all Adobe. I was able to fill out the form from my computer and print it to insert in the package without worrying about how legible my handwriting is.

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  1. Excellent suggestion about PDF Xchange Viewer;  I've been using it happily for over a year, and haven't opened Adobe's reader in that time. It's sad that more Windows users don't realize how many very nice free programs are out there.
    And here's hoping that your Sigma gets returned to you quickly and works just fine. I love me some Sigma lenses. 🙂

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