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Last month, last year.

December was a beast. The weather was typically inconsistent. One day in the 70’s then the next day in the 30’s. That always makes me want to sleep through winter. It also sends spores and molds through the roof. Breathing is so very important to me.

Our exchange server at work had an issue. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about it until it was too late to try to restore from a backup. A Microsoft update caused portions of the .net framework to fail. Every advice and troubleshooting tip I could find only made the matter worse. At one point, the servers smtp connector was hijacked and I could see it spouting spam everywhere. Tips and hints on that one had me doing a /disasterrecovery option on the rebuild. But it still wouldn’t resolve all issues. I pointed out that we had been planning to upgrade to Exchange ’07 anyway. When will I learn. So then I was installing an Exchange ’07 server. The ’03 server was configured wide open out of the box. The ’07 is completely closed right out of the box. I had to make connector, routes, interfaces, mailbox rules, etc.

In the middle of all that, I had to go to Atlanta (good) for business (bad). Our hotel was downtown right across from an Art Museum (good) which I never got to see for working 12 hour days (bad). The job itself was just to install some phones and servers (good) but the IMS server was having problems on their network (bad) and caused a lot of delay. Everyone thinks that it’s working now (good). We still have the Dallas and Oklahoma City sites to connect to it.

Christmas was upon us so fast that I didn’t see it coming. I got to see the last half of “The Bishop’s Wife” and that’s been all so far. I got to spend some time with Peggy and Ed. They had Sunday supper with us at Anne’s. I found out today that Anna really admired the outfit that Peggy had on and wants Thea to consider how to make it work for her. She called her an ‘ambassador of fashion from the east’. I still feel every bit as happy and comfortable with them, even if I haven’t been with them in three years.

I think that the server that was our ’03 exchange server is going to become our ’08 ISA server. It will solve some problems that we have with our Exchange, Service, and Sharepoint web servers being at the same public IP.

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