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At the Movies

This is not a movie review. Rather, this is an endorsement of a new (to me) movie amenity. I was not aware until this year that there was closed captioning available…at the movies.

The Warren Theatre in Moore has this technology. There are two devices. One is a cup-holder type device that you can goose-neck to be visible without interrupting the full screen experience. The other is an over-the-eye glasses type affair. I opted for the second.

It fit neatly enough over my glasses. It had an adjustable nose height and lens angle. The projector pieces on the side of the ear pieces made me feel a bit like I was wearing blinders. But didn’t interfere with my view of the movie screen. The texting was in a bright fluorescent green. The theatre asks that you wear the controller/battery box around your neck on the lanyard that they provide. It controls the five levels of brightness and it could minimally adjust for near- or far-vision. I did not choose to also immerse myself with the optional headphones.

Perhaps Captain Marvel wasn’t the best movie to use to appreciate this device. I found that my tinnitus didn’t negate any of the speaker’s voices. There was very little dialog during the action scenes. None of the actors had huge accents. And the sound level of dialog was consistent throughout the two hours the movie ran.

The one take-away that I had from it was that I had not realized how often I cock my head to the side. Since the text projection followed my head movements, as I was wearing it on my face, I found quite a few times when the dialog seemed to go sideways. As always, if you sit up straight and pay attention, this goes away.

3 thoughts on “At the Movies

  1. Oh, cool! I assume my deaf relatives and friends in the area already know about this, but I didn’t.

    (I have good hearing, but often lose dialog if mumbled, hidden by strong accents, or at annoyingly low volume compared to sound effects. I always use close captions at home.)

    1. My android app has it as orange. Orange is needs approval. Blue is approved. I’ve been trying to get it the right color rather than look at the dashboard to see its state. Call it a bug.

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