Nook Update

Just a quick note. While there are many things that the nook-as-android, and-nook?, can’t do (since it has no soundcard or led’s or camera or phone), it is no slouch for reading. I’ve got newspaper apps, comicstrip apps, nook app, kindle app, aldiko, and dictionaries. It is okay in the game department with chess, sudoku, and mahjong. And it has my gmail account along with google docs and google talk. I added a countdown timer and alarm that pop through my readers to make sure my lunch hour doesn’t run long. Because I’ve been using it consistantly for awhile now, I have a real world battery guess-timate. With wi-fi always on, I have been reading two hundred pages a day plus thirty minutes of internet newspapers and comics and gone from a full charge on Monday morning to seventeen percent battery on Friday night. I have no reason to believe that the manufacturer’s numbers of wrong.  I think that with wi-fi off, it could very well survive two months between recharges.  One of the months may need to be February but still….

2 thoughts on “Nook Update

  1. Wow. That’s impressive battery life.

    (I remember my first cell phone, in 1994, would make it from about 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on a full charge, and that’s if I didn’t make any calls… They’ve come a long way since then.)

    My wife and I have been considering some type of ebook device, but so far none of them have really impressed me considerably (for the price). I’m keeping my eyes open.

  2. Abby’s Kindle can go up to a month between charges, which is good because she seldom remembers to take it out of her go-to-work bag to charge it except on some weekends.

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